Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New security code for ground floor gates 2/4/11

Please log into the secure site to see the new security code for the ground floor gates, going into effect 2/4/11.


Monday, November 8, 2010

McNulty Web Site Changes

All condo documents are now stored on our secure site pages, available to all unit owners.  You can access these pages using the link in the panel on the right >>>>>>>>>>

If you are new to the secure pages you will be prompted to register for the site, with a userid and password.  You will find many useful items including:
  • Association documents and forms
  • Directory of all unit owners
  • Directory of participating residents
  • Up to date status of your account, and ability to pay Association bills with a credit card
  • Copies of all Board meeting minutes
Please contact Kimberly Rodgers at Rampart if you have any Association questions.  For comments and suggestions on the website please contact David Taylor at

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art at McNulty

Your Host:McNulty Lofts and Hunter Studio

Please join us for the Third Annual "Art at McNulty Lofts" exhibition and party.

Patton Hunter opens her home/studio for this annual event and hangs the eighth floor hallways with paintings and drawings.

We promise great conversation, wine, cheese, and a chance to visit with your neighbors and friends, including many from St. Pete's arts and business communities.

Once the party gets going, we won't be able to hear your call to Patton's studio, but somebody will make runs downstairs in case you're locked out without the code.

Your rsvp is much appreciated for wine and cheeses served, but even if you can't confirm until the last minute, please come anyhow.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wine, cheese, and fun
What:Art at McNulty Lofts
Where:McNulty Lofts
Eighth Floor
175 2nd Street South
St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL, 33701
When:Friday, November 19th, 2010, 5:30pm

How To Lock Balcony Doors

The balcony doors in our condos are rated for 130 mph winds -- but only if they are properly closed.

Here are the instructions for how to close the doors to your balcony.

If you have a single door leading outside you must fully close it and then pull up on the handle. This sets the pins into the top-bottom and sides of the frame. Test that the door is properly closed by very firmly pulling on the door to see if it opens. These doors are designed to handle 130 mph winds – you cannot hurt them by trying to pull them open.

If you have double doors leading outside you must fully close the left side door and then pull up on the handle. Then close the right side door and pull up on the handle. This sets the pins into the top-bottom and sides of the frame. Test that the doors are properly closed by very firmly pulling on the doors to see if they open.

With rainy season coming, it is imperative that our terrace doors be properly secured. Otherwise when we have wind and rain it is possible for water to enter your unit and then find its way to units below. Please consider the damage you might cause to another’s unit. It is important that all of us follow these simple instructions. Please also check your condo insurance and liability insurance to ensure you are adequately covered for any damage your un-locked doors may cause for units below you.

Move In / Move Out Guidelines

For our new residents (and those planning moves):

On behalf of McNulty Lofts Condominium Association and all your new neighbors, we wish you Congratulations and Welcome to the Community!

We have established a few simple procedures for moves and large deliveries, and ask that you ensure that your movers abide by these procedures.

1. At least 48 hours in advance, notice must be given to Rampart Properties 727-577- 2200 requesting the elevator pads be put in place.

2. Most moving vans prefer to park on the north side of 2nd Ave S facing west. This will allow the quickest access to the main elevator without going up stairs. All moves and large deliveries must be made through the rear door (west entrance) only.

3. The Code to the sliding metal gate will need to be given out by the owner. Please ask the movers to be discreet with the access code and not to give it to anyone else. Please email to if you need the code.

4. Movers will need a copy of the owner’s magnetic key card. This will allow them access to the back door without propping open the door. Please do not prop the door open! Besides the obvious security issues, we are wasting energy to “cool” the parking area.

5. The South Elevator (main elevator) is the only elevator available for moving use. We do not have a freight elevator! If the movers “hold” the elevator door open with their hands or with a piece of wood, box, etc., it will cause the elevator to shut down. This will result in a very expensive elevator service call that will be charged to the unit owner.

6. Be very careful when loading the elevator. Damage caused to the floor or interior panels in the elevators is costly to repair. Cost incurred to repair damage caused to the elevators during deliveries or move-ins will be the responsibility of the unit owner.

7. Finally, please remind your movers that all cardboard boxes and cartons must be broken down and removed from the property. The building trash containers cannot accommodate the moving boxes and cartons! Under no circumstances should cardboard boxes be put into the trash chutes – they will almost certainly cause a jam that is expensive to fix.

Thank you, and we hope your day and your move goes smoothly and trouble-free!

McNulty Exercise Facility

Available for all residents and owners is a well-equipped gym and exercise facility. Courtesy of Joe Donnelly, here is a quick run-down on what you can enjoy...

Many of the machines are self-explanatory:
Two treadmills, two elliptical machines and two stationary bicycles. These all do basically the same thing, improve cardio-vascular fitness and/or burn calories. The choice is basically a matter of personal preference and exactly what you are trying to achieve.

The rest of the machines are weight resistance, used for muscle toning and building. As you enter the gym, to your left is a rack with sets of dumbbells. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of exercises that can be done with dumbbells. This is predominately what I use in my workouts. In front of the dumbbells is a large weight machine with a permanently attached bar. Most serious weightlifters use this machine for many exercises. I use it only for squats because, if done properly, it takes pressure off the back and makes the movement safer. On the other side of the room is a similar looking weight station which used by a lot by serious weightlifters.

Working down the left wall the next machine is the cable machine. There are many exercises for this piece of equipment but my favorite is called the woodchopper. This exercise is simple but works the entire center core. The other most common exercise here is the chest cable crossover. As the name implies it works the chest and there are at least three ways to do this exercise.

Working around the elliptical machines the next weight machine is specifically for the arms. From the seat you can do curls for the biceps and extensions for the triceps.
Next to that is the bench press machine. The bench has several settings so you can do lying bench press, seated incline press or seated shoulder press.
Directly in front of the bench press is the Chest and Rear Deltoid Machine. Like the arm machine, this is a single purpose self explanatory machine. It works the chest or the rear deltoid and back depending on which way you sit.

Directly in front of this machine is the Lat pulldown / rowing machine. There are a number of exercises that can be done here, but with very few exceptions, they all work the back muscles.
Three of the remaining four machines are for the legs; Leg Extension / leg curl, abductor / adductor, and leg press. These all work the legs in slightly different ways and each has a brief description of how to do the exercise.
The last is the pullup / dip station. This allows pretty much anyone to do pull-ups and dips by providing adjustable weighted assistance.

That’s the basics on the machines.
Of course there is the fine print.... This Blog material is intended to be purely descriptive and does not substitute for proper instruction and ensuring that you are medically fit enough to use this equipment. Check with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen.

Hurricane Watch Check List

Hurricane Check-List for McNulty Lofts
After Fay passed us by, the notes below remain a useful reminder for future alerts. If a hurricane watch is in effect:

• Balconies and patios must be completely emptied from anything could blow away. Heavy items must be tied or bungeed down.

• Absolutely NO gas generators on the balconies are allowed. These are a violation of fire code.

• Keep your balcony doors closed and sealed at all times during the storm (please see instructions downstairs or ask a neighbor how to do this properly).

• We may face the possible loss of electricity. This means that the building may be without water. It may be a good idea to fill up your bathtub. This will help flush your toilet in the case of power outage.

• If we get a blowing sideways rain... it is a good idea to have a few towels ready to soak up any water that may enter the building.

• Please photograph and describe any damage to the best of your ability; this could help subsequent claims.

• For more info about Hurricane Preparedness go to

For Emergency Info call Taylor Adams 710-1888 or Madelyn Kinemond 515-4610